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Welcome to Alomqy Trading Company. We are glade that you are here and We hope you find the deal that you are looking for by checking our projects. Please feel free to contact us by clicking on the contact us link and send us whatever question you want and We will reply to you as soon as possible. read more

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We are a sounding of fish and marine group with experience and long history of the trade in fish started our activity in 1990, through the purchase of shark fins were exported to overseas, since the founding of the First Committee of the group and began sounding the name of Alomqy for trade, we established a solid and well-rules of honesty and sincerity and loyalty, with contentment of little profit on with the principle of ((a little more permanent and uninterrupted)) and with God's help and grace, our company today has become one of the leading companies in the trade of all types of fresh fish, frozen and dried. read more


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